Volunteer with DMRT


DMRT is continually assembling teams of medical and non-medical volunteers to continue its ongoing humanitarian medical mission.

If you are interested in volunteering with DMRT in a medical or non-medical capacity, please fill out the Volunteer Intake form below.  You can also email our volunteer intake coordinator with questions at:


DMRT sends teams of volunteers to disaster sites generally for a period of 1-2 weeks.  Team size varies but is usually 10-20 people.  The composition of each group, and the changing needs on the ground, determines where the team members will be most effectively deployed during their stay.  To date, DMRT teams have:

* integrated into local hospitals performing surgeries, caring for inpatients, and working in outpatient areas; 

* established an independent ambulatory/outpatient clinic;

* traveled to mountain villages to deliver care directly to populations with no healthcare facilities;

* participated in the medical evacuation of critically ill patients from Haiti to the USA; and

* performed community health outreach and screenings at local orphanages and “tent cities”.

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